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5 arces to 10 arces is plenty if properly managed, also having neighbors that live like mind and share crop the community garden and help each other around the land is a plus.   We have at this time 3 families that all help each other like in the days of the waltons and little house on the praire.  Yes they were TV shows, but thats the easiest way to describe it.   We all barter work from each other that way with low income or little money a lot can get accomplished.   We all believe in the TEAM and not just the ME in team that the new world instills in the minds of our children.   When looking at the land just go talk to the people living around there explain your interested in the land down the road and explain your lifestyle.  You will be surprised at the interest they show in learning how to get ride of the light bill and utility bills.

There is some land still available were we bought look at to see the lay of the land.