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Perdigo43… I have actually started looking in the LP.  Figure the winters will not be as harsh down there as they will be in the UP, and I can always go for a drive if I want to hunt moose or bear.  I’ve looked on in Newaygo and Whitecloud, I’ll check Wilcox today.

I also think I am going to scale down my “want” to 10-20 acres instead of 20-50.  It is hard to find 20-50 in the price I want to spend.   I’m also starting my “things I must accomplish in the next 4 years” list so I can be ready to go.  Part 1 of that is socking away some cash.  Now that Christmas spending is done that should be easier to do.  My goal is to be debt free, minus my house and truck payment by September 2013. I want to try and have a decent sum of cash so when I make the move I can buy outright some land and things.

I’ve also decided a chicken coop and rabbit pen will be going up.  Since I don’t think my fiance will make the move with me it will be cheaper to raise chickens and rabbits for food instead of going to the grocery store.

Thanks for all the inputs.  Sorry I haven’t been here much, just busy at work and taking classes.  Trying to decide how to plan for the next couple years is pretty crazy.