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Home Forums General Discussion Hello from UK! Need advise to stay warm in camper :-( Reply To: Hello from UK! Need advise to stay warm in camper :-(


Hi Free Spirit, hope you’ve been managing to keep warm. I lived for 5 years in my van in the UK, and had a similar problem  (I’m now in a home-built cabin).

I used a LPG cabinet heater, which was not ideal but I managed ok. I know you’re not meant to use them in a small space but my van was old with lots of air leaks so plenty of ventilation. It also had 2 of those roundy ventilators in the roof.

I had a carbon monoxide alarm, and made sure never to go to bed with the heater going!

I expect your electricity shortage is less of a problem now, my solar panels have started to produce some useful power now that the days  are a bit longer and the weather is not quite so dull. When we had all that wet weather and short days they were hardly producing anything at all.

Hope it’s going ok,