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you may see most of my pics on my twitpic under StephTravels. I am currently living in a rented room in a house and i have discovered that people often lie about how much they drink. surprise.

i have to upload and sort out some pictures. just changed over to a toshiba laptop i got free because no one knew how to fix it. thank you for your kind welcome to the forums. i have lived in las cruces nm before, san antonio tx, england, scotland, germany, traveled in a semi truck.

i am a self sufficient person who has examined what lifestyle makes me happy. surprising enough i love camping as a lifestyle and i am getting my ducks in a row so i can do it again. i have dry camped, i like leaving the land looking as if i hadn’t been there, except for leaving firewood for the next person’s first campfire.

i need to learn more about how to power the few devices i need, laptop, cellphone. other than that, i live sans power very happily.