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How cool, without giving out too much information, can you tell us a bit about your property? What state, the terrain, the vegetation, temps, water, acreage, neighbors?

$60,000 seems like quite a bit of money, what are you planning on building or having built? Is there any work you can do (to earn money) close to where your property is? If so, maybe you could start out smaller, maybe even do one of those Morgan type shed/buildings, finish it out on the inside, live in that for a while then decide if you want to go bigger… a neighbor of mine bought one of those buildings (a wooden one), took out one of the long sides and added a big bump-out to be the livingroom and bedroom, the main part of the building is the kitchen and bathroom, it’s quite nice for the two of them.

We built the beginning of the sky castle, just one box 16×16 and lived in that quite happily for the first little bit, it ran us a couple of grand, of course that was very primitive, it toughened us up :)