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So I talked to the building inspector for the county and it seems like this is going to be a really expensive project for me.  For one I have to have a minimum of 600 Sq Ft to build for a house that is drawn up by a colorado engineer.  I can’t find anything in the laws about foundation but I’m already starting to get the feeling that I will have to have a slab foundation instead of a pier based foundation which is going to cost me a lot of money.  On top of permits and still having to make sure I have a water source that can support 3 people, plants and any small livestock I have and getting solar panels to provide enough electricity to run everything  is going to run me dry.  I understand making the structure safe and sound but this is ridiculous.  Why does the government get to dictate what I need to have.  Any ideas so I can get around this bull crap but still live on my land legally.  I would like to build everything myself, or as much as I can by myself.  The land is in Huerfano county, CO