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I became interested when I read the book in 1993.  Seven years later I finally built mine.  I used my experience to make it safer, stronger and faster.  Much of it can be had from the books, which are secretive about soil-cement.  You should also read about concrete.  I can’t write a whole book worth of instructions here.  After you read the three Earthship books, the concrete estimating book, and the solar living sourcebook by, and get the right land, then I can help with specifics.  It [b]is[/b] a [b]lot[/b] of work.  A step at a time, with extreme vigor and determination, artistry, and eventually you have a place to live that is unlike the usual ugly tract home or wasteful custom frame/log or brick/block home.  No electric bills or water bills, gardens of year around food, self heated, and just all around the coolest and most eco of all construction.  Freedom and independence at its epitome.