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Thanks for fixing that, Wretha! Trying text tab this time…

Ayreos said: “That said, recent Earthship models seem to contain various tweaks to improve on some of the problems you have pointed out, as can be seen in the “Phoenix” model i linked to in my previous post. The key word here being “improve”, not “solve”. Regardless of the validity of the Eartship model, those very tweaks and workarounds are still great lessons and ideas for everyone, as you have pointed out.”

I just googled “Phoenix earthship” and found the MLS for this monstrosity. $1.5 million US dollars.  No, seriously:  $1,500,000.00. Excuse my rudeness, but WTF does a multimillion-dollar palace for trustafarian idiots have to do with off-grid, sustainable, or anything else worth talking about? It’s a one-percenter palace. Nice that you get a bit of insulation for your million and a half, though. “Validity of the model”??  “Tweaks and workarounds” like making it a giant, grotesque, utterly unaffordable fantasy palace rather than an affordable, sustainable structure like it was originally advertised? LOL!

“Personally, i believe a sustainable and cheap building model”…

I’ll stop you there for a sec to say it again: $1.5 million. Dollars. Hello?

“…should first focus on putting to good use materials which are easy to source on location, even before looking for garbage to recycle. A simple rocket stove might be a simpler and vastly more efficient form of heating in an area with a mild climate and seasonal availability of dry tree branches, compared to the effort and expense of adopting the earthship model as a whole, for instance.”

We agree on that :)  And I do believe you made my point better than I ever could have.