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Thanks, Wretha and Sylvia, for your responses! For unknown reasons, although I ticked the box, I wasn’t notified there were responses.

I was very glad to read what you both wrote. I have a great circle of friends and we like to engage in good, deep topics of discussion…beyond “Did you see this week’s episode of XXXXX?” (LOL)  The one thing that I find in almost 100% of the Child Rearing Conversations, is that the friends of mine who originally lived in the City, then moved to the suburbs “for the kids”, are counting the hours and minutes until the kids LEAVE, so the parents can head back into the city! And the grown kids? They HATED growing up in the suburbs and have all moved INTO the City, defeating their parents move in the first place!

The reasons the parents give for moving out to the Suburbs or small towns is :Grass (the kind you mow); school system and low crime. The reasons the grown kids give for moving INTO the City is: No need for a car; more jobs, where the action is. Many times, on weekends, the suburban or small town parents would pile their kids into the car and drive back into the City to see The Auto Show, a concert or their grandparents, who never left.

A HUGE reason the parents (50+ years old) give to me for NOT going “Off Grid” or any variation on a theme is all health and security reasons. They either are on dialysis, or high blood pressure medicine, have had hips/knees replaced so they can’t do the same hard labor they did when younger, etc. Today alone, when I had lunch with a friend who owns 50 acres of farm in rural Indiana, he’s putting it up for sale, rather than retiring onto it, as he always thought he and his wife would do. I asked “Why?” and he simply said, “I’m getting too old to do the chores and the income is SO low in those areas, I can’t earn enough to pay anyone to help me.”

So, thanks again, to both of you gals, for adding some insight for me. It helped greatly. As to the folks I know, it seems that whatever the parents did, the kids wanted differently. LOL