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I feel that in some ways those of us who are living off grid are making our way of life seem so difficult that we are possibly scaring folks away. We (off gridders) talk alot about having to haul water or catch rain, pooping in buckets, fighting the elements etc. etc. that it can sound like more of a hassle than a joy filled life. From my personal experience it is no more difficult than living on the grid. I grew up in a house in the country with electricity yet cooked and heated with wood only. We had an outhouse my whole growing up and hauled water from a well. We did laundry with a wringer washer. 2 parents, 8 kids. Fast forward to now. I live off grid….very rural with solar power. I still heat with wood and now cook primarily with propane with a wood cookstove for backup. I have an automatic washer & do laundry on sunny days so solar power does the job nicely. I line dry. I have a well with elec. pump, septic system, shower, flush toilet, and on demand propane water heater. My biggest challenge now is doing it all on my own since my husband died unexpectedly several months ago. I would have the same challenge if I were on grid. I have made the comment that my way of life might be more challenging with young children. The isolation can be difficult and you need a certain discipline with solar power. You need to monitor your usage….do everything you can during times of peak sun and in the evenings, nights, and on cloudy and stormy days when running off batteries you need to limit your elec. usage. Ironically these are the times when you tend to be stuck inside and would like to be watching tv, doing computer or whatever. I guess what I’m trying to say is you can have hardships living on grid or find peace and comfort living off grid; or vice versa. It’s what you make of it.