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We live off the grid as several others here do also.   Each person has their own reasons and definition of living off the grid.  We run off solar power (soon some wind power).  We have a hand dug well and collect water.  We use a composting tolet.  We collect all our grey water (shower, sinks) to use on plants.  We will be using wood for heat, but will have propane backup heat, propane instant own hot water and cook with propane, our backup generator runs off propane also.  Does this make use not on the grid.  I think not.   Yes we have to BUY propane at 250 gallons but it last a long time and reduces the cost of living and suppling electricity to run electrical appliances.

We do prepare (prep) our food supplies with freeze dried foods and use a canner to preserve what we can and will have a garden to allow us to store more food. .  But until we have all the supplies we need we MUST use public stores to purchase our supplies.  Now this is our way of life.

Many others live differently.  I know Wretha and her Husband live very simular to how we do.  We dont have the animals yet since we dont live there 24/7 since we work over the road most of the year.

Reply to this let us all know how you live off the grid.  That way others looking to live off the grid will have information to help them achieve this lifestyle.  Off the Grid is a LIFE STYLE a life changing event.  It is the return to a simple way of living as our grand and great grand parents lived only with a few added benefits they did not have.  SO PLEASE reply so others can learn what we all call living off the grid.