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Off-Grid can mean electric only I guess. Or it can mean anything from off the electric grid to off the entire energy grid or more.  How about Off the food grid. And off the water and sewer grid. Maybe even off the money grid. I’m using grid as a metaphor for systems I guess. Though with many systems its impossible to be 100% off-grid. So what we try to do is gain a measure of independence. Right now I’m 90% off the power grid. I’m off the water and sewer grid 100% (with well water and septic) I’m trying to pay down debt to get more off the money grid. Though my income requirements are still high. How about the medical grid? I don’t have health insurance and I don’t go to the doctor often but I do have two prescription meds I uses and 4 or 5 over the counter meds. I won’t go off the internet grid :) . I am a licensed Ham so I can do radio instead of cell phone. But I won’t go off the cell grid either. No land line. I use propane for heat and cooking. I use electric for a/c. But I’m not home much because of my career. I try to do some shared gardening with friends but don’t really produce much food. I only learn about producing food. I am off the rent/mortgage  grid, I have friends that let me park my camper on their land for fee. I have guns which free’s me only a little from the police grid.

There are a lot of ways to look at it actually. Mainly we are talking about being off the energy/water/sewer grids.