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A big part of living off the grid for us has been the ability to unplug from the monetary system as much as possible and when we do connect to it we do it through our passion producing and selling natural products, as it turns out its a perfect time to show others how to disconnect from the grid by making or growing most of what you buy when your on or in the grid.   we use any profits we have above our basic needs to give back to the local community through our small farm the farm we have been homesteading is on the power grid but we had plans to disconnect it and then we found a new property all most 200 acres in North Carolina, smokey mountains and we will with a small group of like mined souls go as off the grid as possible. Glad to have found this forum and thank you all so much for sharing such great information with us all. We are looking forward to connecting to many of you on the new grid we seem to be creating here, Peace, Love and Understanding that we are the ONE’s we have been waiting for and this is our time! Ziggy and Tammy