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depends on the breed some chickens will not get anywhere near 200 eggs per year while others will go to over 300, some lay nearly year round some lay enough to hatch out twice a year. I would keep an egg laying bird for more than a year, probably 3 maybe 4 for a good bird.  there are stories of a breed developed by the University of Arkansas that at 4 years old still lay 5 eggs per week.


Most people like buff orpingtons, or any rock breed for a first time duel purpose bird. I would stick with a pure bloodline , stay away from mutts, If you breed some nice chickens they can bring in a pretty penny, a mixed breed rooster isn’t worth much.

you also need to consider your climate when picking a breed. Some simply wont lay in the cold and others dont handle heat well at all.


I spent 13 years on a chicken farm and I am about to start one