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Well, beast, I don’t know if this is a question or an Op Ed piece? (LOL)

Just in case you’re looking for a conversation, I’ll play.

You wrote: “yes going the simple route is an awful lot of work but sitting on our backsides watching
someone else get paid to do it for us isnt good for us in more ways than one :)”

Okay. If a person is able bodied and has the skills to “do”, then “YES!”, they are lazy sods and we should shake our fist at them!

However, if you have a disability or just general age related problems and need to ‘hire out’, than “NO!”, they are NOT lazy sods and we should show empathy.

For instance, my husband and I are in the beginnings of our ’60’s. There are just physical things we can’t do any longer that we hire out to neighborhood kids. Lawn care (not gardening), pet sitting when we’re gone, and I hire a local lady to do all the “ladder” cleaning that I can no longer do. I can’t climb ladders any longer to clean ceiling fans or high windows, nor can I bend my knees to clean under the beds/cabinets. It’s win/win for all of us: they get money in a hard-pressed area and we get a nice lawn and tidy home that we can’t reach any longer.

We have a dear friend, Mathew, and he lives in Chicago, is in the Green Industry like us, and ‘only’ in his ’50’s. But, age hits hard for different people. He has his beloved Retirement Farm up for sale in Indiana; his wife has developed Rheumatoid Arthritis and Mathew has developed spurs on his feet and lower lumbar region. He’s had ads out for help with the farm, for TWO YEARS, and all he gets are pot-heads and anti-government folks who want to squat on his land and do nuttin’. So, his farm is up for sale and they will end up in the City, much to their chagrin. His wife was a preschooler teacher and like I said, he was in the nursery industry so these folks are used to hard physical work and thought they’d go into being seniors, fit as a fiddle. But, it didn’t work out that way. :(


Now, regarding “money”, do you mean paper and coin? Because by my way of thinking, that’s just a symbol. Since there has been mankind, there has been trade and trade involves  using “something”–horses for sheep; beads for copper; medicinal plants of one kind for medicinal plants of another kind. Unless you literally land on a “mysterious island” with five scientists and engineers so that you can  sustain yourselves on the island, producing fire, pottery, bricks, nitroglycerin, iron, a simple electric telegraph, a home on a stony cliffside called “Granite House”, and even a seaworthy ship…then you’ll need to trade which requires something to trade in return.

I know you’re no dummy, so you know the symbol of the globe’s money is based on having gold in reserve. So, I guess we could all carry gold dust and nuggets around with us when we need a new solar panel or rain barrel but in truth, that ain’t gonna happen.

So, as Humans, do we need X to exchange with Y? Hell yeah! :) You wanna call it money or wampum, humans can’t survive without “money”.