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beast wrote: “…the one major prob with living without money is travel.”

Yes, sir, you are correct! My husband is Scottish and all his kith & kin are still alive, so our family goes to the Highlands at least twice a year, up in the Inverness area. My family has long since departed from this mortal coil, so having our 3 adult children spend time with their living relatives is of maximum importance to us. And of course, once there, we skip across the channel and visit the surrounding countries, which is no different than visiting different states in the U.S.

I’m addicted to traveling and don’t see any day that I give it up. For my company, I work in the Quad-State area of Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana and Michigan. Last week, I traveled 380 miles to various job sites. Stayed at 4 hotels…loved every second! I have way too much wanderlust in my bones to live in one spot: always have, always will.