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Scorpions and Wolf Spiders you say?!?!? Jeepers, when I read “Bug Season”, I was thinking skitters and no-see-ums! LOL

You named two of the reasons, along with rattlers bringing it up to three, why I’d never-ever-ever live “Down South” or “Out West!” I had an aunt that lived in Arizona, way out back in the desert, and every time we visited her, we had to 1) check your bed, 2) check your shoes, 3) shake your clothes, and 4) don’t EVER go outside without a stick, heavy jeans and heavy boots! Pffffttttt….

Sorry, too much trouble then and certainly too much trouble now, at my age. But dear Auntie loved living in the desert and bless her heart, she didn’t mind shakin’ things up, to see if nasty poisonous things were hiding in there.

I’ll take a heapin’ helpin’ of skitters and ticks, thank you very much! (LOL) ;) But, I do think Glow-In-The-Dark scorpions are cool to look at! Enjoy your family visit, Wretha!