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a few natural bug reppelants:
basil drives off flies, keep it in your kitchen and near your windows
catnip growing under your windows and in window boxes wiil keep skeeters away
rub it on yourself every 2 hours to keep them off you
lemon, lime and orange juices repell spiders, hang rinds in an old stocking
in spider infested places, they should leave
vinegar drives away ants, just soak the area you want ant free with vinegar once a month
old wasp nests hung in safe places will deter new nests from being made, wasps are territorial
salt in your carpet will drive away most fleas, will harmlessly help your pets too
cinnamon oil sprinkled about will clear up mite infestations

you can make a simple yet effectyive fly trap with a glass jar
fill it with cider vinegar, add a few drops of dish soap and let it set for the flies to find
skim out the d4ead ones every day or just dump and refill