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my vision of a chartered off-grid simple-living agrarian self-sufficient community village

elected paid public offices (2 year terms- 2 consecutive terms max, 4 terms lifetime)
mayor/judge: oversees and represents the community, presides over conflicts and community meetings and functions
secretary: keeps records for the community
treasurer: keeps books/ pays bills, runs bank, buys sale items for markets
constable: enforces community laws, constable doubles as prosecutor

non-elected paid public positions (paid means housing, meals and a clothing alottment are free)
operator: runs phones
technician for all coms: keeps phones and cable working
power technician: keeps power working
sanitation tech: runs the sewer/fuel/power system
doctor/nurse/dentist: runs clinic
druggist: runs the apothecary
water tech: keeps the water clean and flowing, distills waste water from sewage plant
teacher: for our kids

city buildings
communityhall: building serves as meeting hall, school, city hall, courtroom and church as needed
jail: mostly for looks but is functional, 2-4 cells max
sewer/fuel/power: methane/electric. community sewer, collecting manure for methane production and electrical plant, methane fuel sales (compost goes to highest bidder)
comunications: phone/web/tv, we build our own phone and cable system and internet, possibly a community theater
doc/clinic: community health
apothecary: natural herbs and outside meds as needed
waterworks: public water facility
bank of simple city: our own private bank/credit union
general store: dry good sales outlet for the community
hotel/restaurant/saloon: local watering hole, eatery and accomodations for visitors
market: farmers produce, flea-market, everything the general store dosnt carry

privately owned shops we need
spinner: someone to spin the fiber we grow into thread and yarn
weaver: someone to weave our new threads and yarns into cloth, rugs, blankets, linens and ponchos
tailor/seamstress: sew cloth into clothing for sale
tanner/cobbler/harness maker/saddler: makes us shoes and leather goods
tinker: mr fixit
potter: pottery for the community
glazier/glass blower:

things we can sell to outsiders (tourists)
rugs, blankets, sweaters, ponchos, sandals, shoes, moccassins, produce, canned goods
glassware, ceramicware, harness, saddles, hats, thread, yarn, yardgoods, linens
canvas, dishes/cups, methane fuel, composted fertilizer, nursery stock, leather
leather wear,soaps, candles, knick-knacks, livestock, yard & garden tools
a place to visit on vacation

electric and in community healthcare are free to all community members
community members are encouraged to barter with each other through the general store,
trade your homemade candles for someone elses homemade soap
this keeps the store stocked for tourists
produce at the farmers market works the same way, barter between community members
any time you can. why use cash between ourselves?

no community taxes, each member contributes by doing his/her job and helping where help is needed
also by trading your handicrafts at the public community markets. monies from sales to tourists
will go to the community account for use in buying what the community needs that we cant make
or grow ourselves, things like lightbulbs, toilet paper, drugs and baking powder.
these things will go on the shelves of the markets for members to barter for.

we create a charter for our community and incorporate the entire holding as a village or town
this gives us the ability to govern ourselves and set our own laws inside the community, then
in some logical portion of the community we build a small town consisting of the city buildings listed
it needs only 1 or 2 streets to start with, if some members wish tio live in town we build more streets
the general store and farmers markets will be in town so tourists will stop in and hopefully purchase
much of our homemade handicraft items and use our hotel and restaurant facilities.
this town will have a sewage system built below that carries all waste to a methane digester
this digester will compost the waste and generate methane that will be used to generate our own electricity
the compost will be displayed at the general store and farmers market for member trade and sales to outsiders
the waste water will be distilled for reuse by the public water system. the entire community will have access
to this free electric and water. community members grow produce, livestock, herbs or fibers for trade at the markets
some members will produce handicrafts for trade for produce, fibers, livestock or herbs.
also there will be things from the outside world that the community will purchase for trade at these markets
purchases will be made using the monies made from cash sales of community trade items to tourists
the community will also have its own credit union/bank where any monies you deposit will be invested in the communities future
and needs, this bank will be controlled by the community as a whole, not a board of directors
loans and investments will be made based on a full community vote.
there will be no community council members, just the 4 elected officers to preside over community meetings.
every adult member of the community has a vote in all the community does