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Finally got one of my empty deodorant/antiperspirant bottles apart, the first bottle was destroyed by PB, he tried smacking the bottle with a rubber mallet thinking that would pop the ball out… nope, all it did was break the bottom of the bottle. I used that bottle as a test to see if I could get the ball out, it didn’t matter if I destroyed the ball or the top of the bottle.

I ran hot, very hot water over the top of the bottle and ball, it quickly softened the plastic bottle, I was able to pry the ball out with a knife with very little deformation of the plastic (bottle), what little deformation did happen was easily pushed back into place by keeping it under the hot water and rubbing the spot where it was sticking out slightly, it went right back into place.

Now that I knew it could be done, I grabbed another deodorant/antiperspirant bottle, this one still had some product left in it, but I had no intentions of ever using it, I didn’t mind pouring it out. I did the same process with the hot water and the ball popped right out. I emptied the remaining product, cleaned and rinsed the bottle & ball very well. I shook out as much of the water as possible, then filled it nearly full with milk of magnesia (MOM), I felt like there needed to be a little head room left in the bottle so that I could shake the MOM each time before use. I tried it out on the back of my hand, the MOM came out just fine, I think what I’ll have to do is lightly apply it to my underarms, a little bit goes a LONG way.

I’ll post another followup after I take a shower and use this, I think it will work just fine, the only potential problem I see is it does apply a LOT of MOM, the only problem with that is the drying time, you need to let this dry before dressing, so we’ll see how it works.

BTW, using MOM as a deodorant is working out just fine, it hasn’t let me down yet, including when I cleaned a 5th wheel travel trailer last week, it was hot, dusty, nasty work, but my arm pits had no odor :)