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Here, they come and see if what you’ve done is up to code..nobody much cares how you get it that way.  Your well, you might possibly drill yourself, unless in an area you’re likely to need to have a really deep one or are coping with lots of rock.  There are several You Tube videos showing how to do that with water, pipe and a sand point.  Or consider catching water, if you are in an area of reasonable rainfall. Any roof will shed a LOT of water,  many places in Australia that’s the only source of water that they have, communities are not supplying water to the houses anymore, and Australia is not a third world country.You might be surprised as how much water drains off a roof from a good rain..a 55 gallon barrel is like a teacup  in comparison.

Your septic system will run you lots of money, likely, or a whole LOT of work digging the field and getting the drainage field right and the gravel spread,  laying pipe and then covering it..(ask me how I know!)  to say nothing of actually buying/ installing the tank.  Have you looked into a composting toilet? If you want one that looks a lot like a “normal” toilet it will cost you but nothing like what a septic tank and  field will. Of course, then you still have to have a plan for grey water but that’s much easier to deal with.  If you have a stickler for an inspector  and he wants to have everything done  according to what is usual then you have a problem unless you can convince them to give you a variance, all these things are accepted elsewhere in the U.S.

The problem with going ahead without approval is that if they come and get after you, you may have to end up ripping out whatever they disapprove of and doing things their way anyway and sometimes there is a fine on top of that.

Possibly the best advice is to find somewhere the inspectors are open to things that are out of the norm, (especially if they are recognized in some other areas  you can politely bring to their attention), or else somewhere there are no inspectors…hard to find these days.