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“The basic premise of the show will be to provide an off the grid homestead for the family and see how they put their research and skills into practice.”

I’m right there with you, Wretha, on how ‘south’ this show could go in portraying honest off-grid people as the Tinfoil Hat-wearing crowd, and the part I bolded couldn’t allude to that fact more clearly. So, the basic premise of the show is to film people with no actual hands-on experience and then laugh at them while they attempt a learning curve. NO THANKS!

I knew nothing about the off grid community before joining this site and thanks to Wretha and the gang, I’ve learned SO much and have come away with deep understanding and appreciation for their goals. NOW, I can defend them and their lifestyle when alternative lifestyles come up, tearing down ignorance and prejudice. Between the zombie shows and prepper shows already on cable, off gridders are lumped into that lot and it’s not fair.

Now, if it were a PBS type of show, where you had several off grid families who shared their knowledge and skills each week, I’d give THAT show 100% approval.