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Participant is what I use. I’ve found several nice properties using that site.

This is my current plan for housing:

10x10x40ft shipping container set on level ground.

Then I’ll bury it with a mountain to dirt to insulate it, get the Geo thermal advantage, protect it from the elements, and also make it less ugly.

Then I’ll plant grass and stuff in the mountain so that nature will hold it all together.

They call that a hobbit house (usually).

The reason I’m doing a hobbit house is because you run into all kind of problems with ground water if you bury it in the ground.

So this is the absolute cheapest way that I can figure out to build a house that has everything that you need (indestructible, and warm). It will be dark inside, but hey… you can deal with it for a while.

Bottom line is that this house can be put on your property and give you a reliable warm place to live for about $2k.

The things that you’ll run into that far north that will be harsh are the winters. Weather so cold that it will literally kill you, lots of snow and ice.

Snow covers solar panels, so don’t forget to plan for that.

Make sure that you have a good wood stove,and plenty of firewood.

If things go bad, all you need is that wood stove, and food to survive pretty comfortably (yeah you’ll be bored with no electricity, but you’ll be warm and fed). It’ll be freezing cold outside… so there is your natural refrigerator.

I absolutely hate cold weather, so I’m looking to go as far South as possible.