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Hakachukai, that makes a lot of a sense. I wouldn’t mind taking on a couple of jobs (have done that before). How rough of circumstances are we talking about? I was hoping to find a place here in Colorado that was decently wooded and near one of the rivers or lakes in the Rockies, Wyoming might be do-able though, that’s not too far North from where i’m at. I was just hoping for some sort of woodland/ waterfront place that i can have a boat/fish in. That I know isn’t going to be too cheap.

Also, ive been doing a little bit of researching and was thinking of starting with one of the plans from

And possible building a greenhouse next to it to sustain me for the time being. I just need to find some resources on home building as my knowledge in that department is quite limited. Figure its time to take a trip to the library. Ha.

Also, as for finding land, do you know of any good sources? I’ve been looking all over google and i cant seem to find a decent land selling site. Any ideas would be much appreciated.