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Home Forums General Discussion Would anyone live without electricity? Re: Would anyone live without electricity?


My wife and I lived without electricity or running water for many years and did not miss it. It is a matter of orientation. We had battery powered radio and needed nothing else. We had a well for water. We did not have a build up of fumes in the house (elnav) because we opened the windows. Folks did just fine without all these luxuries for hundreds of years before Edison came along and invented a light bulb.We are also not Amish (for trm’s benefit), we’re mountain folks. We now have solar systems and gravity flow water and are living in the lap of luxury. We’ve been off the grid for most of our adult lives, and it’s a way of life for us. If we want something we grow it or make it or trade for it. We are in our 60’s so may have a head start on most of you.