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Electricity is only one form of energy but it is the most versatile and convenient method of transport and conversion to useful work. Tenantfile is right, inside a big city it is almost impossible. In many cases any attempt to use alternatives runs afoul of some bylaw or other. I have reached the conclusion that electricity is potentially the cleanest and most versatile form of energy so we should make the best of it. I can just hear someone object to me saying electricity being the cleanest. I was not refering to any specific method of power generation. Just because some utilities choose to use a source that does pollute does not means all of them do. Hydro-electric power uses the falling of water as the motive force. Wind power uses the wind and solar uses sunlight. When you include the method of creating the devices to generate electric power water and wind comes out the cleanest followed by the sun. Any other method comes a distant fourth. If anyone wonders why I said th4e sun comes third look here:

Wind and water power has been in use for several thousand years. The ability to generate electricity from these meant that for the first time we could use that power in a location away from flowing water or blowing wind.

if I could be assured of a place near these natural power sources then I might consider doing without electricity. However the reality is there are too many people all wanting to live in the same place as I; so I must compromise and this will require sone energy, likely in the form of electricity.