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Actually, my wages as a foreman stagnated because of the invasion from 1983 on. I HAD to design and build my own place, ALL of the trades, legally through owner-builder regulations. I HAD to take out a high interest loan and max out several credit cards, and live only on sale items. I had to sacrifice to live green.

Those of even lower income, or less talent, or less energy, will have even more of a difficult time.

As a general contractor for Earthship/straw bale independent homes with “variable owner involvement”, I found that most people want everything done for them, and thus much less affordable housing. The old can-do pioneer spirit is mostly gone, unfortunately.

It is still alive and well in us off-gridders. The independent spirit and hard work attitude is prevalent here.

I had a new awakening when I first read the “Realgoods Solar Living Sourcebook” and “Earthship” from the public library in 1993. I found kindred people, and a dream was born.

I never planned on getting involved with the internet, and it took my son’s urging 4 years after building the initial house, to add on one more power sucker. The solar electric expanded with sales, faster than foreseen. The garage/addition became independent and so did the Earthship. Then the prices went up substantially.

If I were in a situation where I built my own house with close by grid electric instead, and was on a tight budget, I would get the how to book and DVDs for $37 lowest price, on building my own high quality panels for 1/6th the cost. Noting, of course, the disclaimer below.