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Home Forums General Discussion Would anyone live without electricity? Re: Would anyone live without electricity?


Quick reply for Moguitar…This little place had a power line right-of-way already running through it, I had just 140 feet to go through the woods to connect to my service entrance, I would have gone solar “straight out of the box” otherwise as I am 3/4 mile from the road. You certainly do have a lot of good advice above, for example, I agree constant use of oil lamps can be problematic, I don’t want to breathe the fumes either. Still confused how someone who has basically nothing to spare at the end of most months is going to be able to save enough money for a major project. Many people will never earn a decent wage, way too many jobs simply don’t have a path for advancement, and it is getting worse not better. In my case, the only reason I have my own place at all is having inherited my parent’s place years ago, feel I got it fair and square, gave over three years as caregiver to my Mom while she was on a respirator at home dying of emphysema. Anyway, sincere congratulations on what you have achieved, believe me when I say not everyone is up to that level of effort, I certainly am not, that’s why I stress the value of simpler and cheaper choices. I don’t believe off-grid and self-reliance should be only for middle income folks, I for one don’t aspire to ever be in that club.