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Would like to clarify – rereading this morning I find that the comments that drew my attention were primarily located on the “how long have you been living off-grid? thread, and in particular were responses to the posts of member Cyndi Jenkins (above and whose choices I, again, strongly support). I may appear a little off for reacting so strongly to most of this thread’s posts. Check the other one to see what I am referring to, please. There is actually a lot of good information on this thread. I would, however, take exception to moguitar’s statement “Living off-grid with clean electricity is easy”. Easy if you have a good income, maybe. Yes, I am aware of the existence of incentives and tax credits for alternative energy installations. Don’t you have to have the money (or financing) up front then get re-imbursed later? I should already know the answer to that, but I don’t. All I am saying is alternative energy, while of course not like driving an Escalade or some such garbage, is nonetheless a bit of a rich man’s club, and I don’t appreciate the condescending attitudes to those who can’t afford the price of admission or who would choose something simpler..