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Home Forums General Discussion Would anyone live without electricity? Re: Would anyone live without electricity?


Living off grid with clean electricity is easy, anyway. It is nice to find out the weather forecasts and be in touch on the internet, and use LED or CFLs for reading and seeing at night. Food storage requires either a Sun Frost or other super efficient electrical refrigerator or a propane one that only uses 1.1 pound of propane daily. Cooking with a solar oven is nice on days we can, but on other days a gas range works efficiently and well. The self heating and cooling of an Earthship is much more preferable than a frame house or tent. Using a compost toilet and composters does not use electricity and rebuilds the soil which has been 2/3rds depleted or more by human flush and forget overpopulation. Low water use and gray water use help a lot, too.

Backpacking trips are one thing: it is great to be away from people and live primitive for a while. Usually “permanent campers” pollute terribly with trash and excrement/urine buildup, and depletion of wood in the area. That is why Indian tribes were nomadic. By the time they got back to the area, the game had multiplied back and all their trash and excrement had biodegraded. Trees and vegetation had grown back.

That nomadic camping out permantly type life is no longer possible in this overpopulated world of property rights, and the concept of land ownership, even in common. Permanent camping is not allowed in Nationally owned land, state lands, and on private land in every county,or other local government area that I know of, there are usually two week limits.