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Home Forums General Discussion Would anyone live without electricity? Re: Would anyone live without electricity?

Cyndi Jenkins

I became a member here just to answer this question. I am able to get on the internet briefly before and after work and was making a post to our website. I searched for something on Google and ended up here. I am glad I did.

I made the voluntary choice to begin living 100% at home without electricity about 3 years ago. I have not regretted it a single day since. I won’t bore you with information found on our website, but I did want to address the question. It has always been a desire of mine since a young adult to live without electricity. As I was taking my Mother to chemo, she mentioned she had the same dream. When she was dying, not going back to her birthplace and living that dream was her only regret. I had the chance to try it and did not want my dream to also turn into a regret some day. My fiance’ gave me a year. If he could not handle it, we were to get electricity. It has been 3 years now and well….we have no desire at all for it.

We do not use alternative energy. We have a root cellar, process most of our own foods, we get our water from a spring, we use candles and oil lamps, we use wood heat and I cook on a wood cook stove. We raise farm animals and can and process everything we can.

I thought my grandkids would never want to come to my house again. I was very wrong, they never want to leave. My grandson named our old farm house The Broken House because it was 100 years old, in bad shape and has no electricity. The name stuck and that is what we call our farm.

We both work outside jobs and the goal is to get the farm paid off as fast as we can, so we can enjoy more time at our non electric home.

I chose to live this way from a dream, always wondering if it was as good as I imagined it would be, if I could really do it. It has not always been perfect, trust me. Our first house was a disaster financially, as I never pressured for paperwork and we ended up having to tear it down and move. (that story is on the website). If anything was going to break us, that would have been it. But when we got the old farm house, it was wired for electric and we had to make the decision. It took only seconds to decide we had no desire to have electricity. It has a toilet inside as well. I hated it. We jerked it out, sat it in the barn and got our outhouse put up as soon as possible.

We have struggles and there are times I wonder “what was I thinking”, but we love our lifestyle. I am 49 and he is 38. It gets tough some days. We are certainly not ready to give it up, not even ready for some solar power or wind power. We are enjoying life as it is right now, so why change it?

As for why? I don’t know. I am not some freak or anything. I work a 40 hr week job as a social worker for mentally retarded adults. I have daughters who are very modern and love life in town WITH electric. But I always wanted this and feel very fortunate that I am blessed to live it….and love it.