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Home Forums General Discussion Would anyone live without electricity? Re: Would anyone live without electricity?


I beleive most of us would be capable of addapting to living without electricity should/if/when the time comes that electricity isn’t available for whatever reason. I know that I myself would be fine. However I don’t think that I would voluntarally do so.

I enjoy having & using it for all kinds of reasons, whether at my home in town or at my acreage in the wilds. While in the wilds though, I know it would have been far more complicated to achieve my “off-grid status” without electricity. It was used to create my solar panels, my batteries, my generator, etc… Without these items, a “lot” of people wouldn’t have elected to be “off-grid” to begin with! It is “only because of these items”, many of these messages are sent &/or received.

Electricity has made it possible for me to become as efficient as I have. Basically all of the knowledge I’ve gained to date, to maintain my lifestyle now, I owe to the internet & sites like this one. Not 100% of it all, but damn near!

It wouldn’t hurt my feelings none-at-all though, if the “Grid” system did collapse & our next generation “had to” learn how to survive without the “easy-come-easy-go” attitude most of my generation has come to know & worship!