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Home Forums General Discussion Would anyone live without electricity? Re: Would anyone live without electricity?


I’d be willing. I know it’ll be hard. I’m working hard at lowering my reliance on electricity. My husband says that he’ll make sure we have electricity somehow, no matter what our situation is. However, we’re not planning on having batteries, so at best we’ll have power when the sun shines.

I look around our place right now and … the fridge is running, my laptop is running, and we have one 60 watt light on. No other electricity.

The most difficult thing to give up would be the fridge, followed by my computer and internet.

For me, being off-grid means that I won’t be relying on The Faceless Them for our needs. If we banded together with a group of like-minded people and managed to get a simple “mini-grid” going, I would still consider that Off-grid.

But if you’re buying electricity (or water, or food, or maintained roads, or library services, or whatever) from people you don’t and will never know, then you’re disconnected from the source of your needs.