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Home Forums General Discussion Why is PVC not Enviromentally friendly? Re: Why is PVC not Enviromentally friendly?


Pop bottles are not made with PVC, and livestock do not live long enough to get cancer from PVC pipe leaching. I would wonder what happens over time with the soil and groundwater with heavy plant watering through PVC pipes.

Plastics are not all equally bad when burned except for the usual CO2, and soot.

Vinyl plastics are among the worst. Other bad plastics are the polyurethanes, and especially the cyano-plastics which let off cyanogen gas when burned. They are commonly used in aluminum surfaced foam insulation. Rubber also lets off a number of toxins when burned. There are a number of billion tire piles. Their best use is in Earthships, IMHO.

There are three types of plastic commonly recycled and labeled as such. So it is best to recycle them.

Even the “non-toxic” ones kill fish and marine life in the 7 huge oceanic trash gyres. They gradually break down into small pieces eaten without nutrition by marine life, starving them. They all are long lasting in the environment, especially in landfills.

With PVC, minimize its use as much as possible, and understand its toxicity potential. A lot of plumbers who saw cut it and sand it for vent pipes and underground pipes for drainage and venting, do not know, and die younger than they would have.