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Home Forums General Discussion Why is PVC not Enviromentally friendly? Re: Why is PVC not Enviromentally friendly?


Well someone needs to do a Dave Ramsey “Plasectemy” which is a short video clip showing unique ways to destroy credit cards. This clip sould have someone in full cheimical gear and breathing apparatus burning a credit card with long metal working tongs. Should have caption, “Credit cards are evil in more ways than one!” He has folks make these video’s for his tv show on fox business news network.

Well I’ll look into it, but yes I suppose burning of any plastics are more haszardous than most of us think about. I recall once as a kid, I had a plastic coke bottle 1 or 2 liter on a stick. I was holding it above a trash fire watching it melt. As it melted it sealed the bottle neck so that it began to blow up a little like a ballon. Then it poped and blew molten plastic all over me and my face lol. Didn’t leave a scar but scared the living poo out of me.