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Bwingler, first off, it shouldn’t take a harvard education to read your first post and see the inflamatory nature of the way you put your opinion out there. It can easily be read like this.

“I know what I’m talking about, listen to me, you people wanting to colony are stupid, scared, off grid wannabe’s. I’m right you are wrong. My way is the only right way!”

I prefer to make a go at this as a family unit, as that is where my trust lies at the moment and I know my wife is all in with me, that’s nice and all. I also would be able to manage it with little to no issue as a single person unit. BUT, that doesn’t mean it’s the right way for everyone. People starting or wanting to join colony type units are people that either don’t have the needed skills to do everything they may need to do so they plan to build a talent pool of trustable people to share tasks, don’t have the needed tools so once again, they desire to pool resources for the benefit of all involved, or funds to do everything they need to do so once again, pooling resources for the benefit of all involved, or maybe just like safety in numbers, some even desire companionship or whatever the reason it matters not. They are working toward a more sustainable life. That should be encouraged no matter the route they choose to get there.

Fact: People throughout history have always been more successful in colonies. The work load goes down, the sting of failure is greatly reduced, and standards of living typically go way up the more contributing hands there are in a colony.

As a colony, if you get injured, there is always enough hands to cover down and get your work done, someone fails, there are enough working toward the same goal they can likely scratch through failures with minimal consequences. As a family unit that becomes more difficult as there is a greatly increased risk of not having anyone with the skill, strength, etc to get the work done needing done if an injury occurs or something out of the ordinary fails, your failures effect your entire family, not just yourself, As well as the fact that as a family unit you are typically all in, there isn’t much backup plan availability. As a single unit, it can result in severe consequences even death if you get injured or fail.

So you do it the way you want, I’ll do it the way I want, and others will do it the way they want. People creating and participating in off grid colonies, and managing them correctly with the right people artypically have a very high rate of success. Poorly managed colonies fail and people scatter their own merry way with typically nothing more than some wasted time and money..

Bottom line is this. Just because someone chooses to reach the same goal as you through a different route doesn’t make them wrong, nor does it make them a cowardly wannabe who isn’t brave enough, it simply means that THEY are not YOU. So hop off the soap box and contribute something other than an arrogantly written “Hey! Look at me, do it my way or your stupid.” themed post.