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I paid $1.o9 down here in central Ontario this morning. It’s $1.20 for high octane, so I think your prices may go up even more before the nights over!

But thats where I’m confused, with your original post up top. Doesn’t the phrase, terminalogy -“Off-Grid”- pertain to everyone who chooses to be their own power & utilities companies?

By moving onto my acreage & conecting my panels to my batteries or wind turbine & then retreiving my water by the pail full from the nearest source, I have become “Off-GriD”. I no longer use the services provided by “The Power Authority” is what I beleive they call themselves down here now & I no longer use the water which is chemically treated for my benifit, so I am now, my own utility company. And CEO at that!

Or do you mean that, by everyone else he has join him in his endevour, all joining into a single array of panels & batt-bank & then live in shacks somewhat close together & perhaps joined by a few trails, in fact make them “Grid TieD”?