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I have found that we require very little in the way of refrigeration. We have a small dorm sized (cube) fridge, honestly we run it so seldom that we might as well not have it, mostly we run it when family is out to visit and we have a lot more fresh and perishable foods that need colder temps, that always happens in the summer. We also have access to a neighbor’s fridge when we have things like milk and cheeses that need refrigeration.

Hubby and I are working in 2 different directions to have a fridge without having to use up so much power, I purchased an external thermostat, I will hook that up to a small chest freezer, I set the temp for refrigerator temps and the thermostat cuts the power to the freezer when it reaches the set temp.

Hubby is pulling an old fridge out of a travel trailer, it runs on AC or propane, we plan on using it with propane.

We will see which one works better and use that one, it’s also nice to have the option to choose which ever one works with what we have the most of at the time, either batteries or propane.

We have learned that many of the foods that are traditionally refrigerated do not need to refrigerated, especially if you take a little care with them, as Elnav said, fresh eggs, hard cheeses, pickles, relish do not REQUIRE refrigeration, we use single serve packets of mustard, mayo and ketchup. I fond that most of the time, when I had a refrigerator, I used it to store leftovers until I decided to toss them out. Since we have gone fridgless for the most part, I am much more careful about the amounts of food I prepare so that we don’t have leftovers, when I go shopping, I do not buy foods that require refrigeration unless it’s something I am going to fix and eat that day.

I have 2 upright freezers and a refrigerator in our front yard, we use them for dry storage.