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Home Forums General Discussion What does off-grid mean to you? only off power grid? or more Re: What does off-grid mean to you? only off power grid? or more


People around here chuckle when I talk about off grid. As my meighbor puts it.

He and his wife were born off grid lived much of their life off grid so why would they want to go back to it. They recently celebrated their 40th anivesary and only during the last seven years have they had television. My wife was born off grid and her uncle now owns the family homestead. Its still off-grid. But he has a jacuzzi tub in the en-suite bath room a 42″ TV with a full surround sound home entertainment. His wife has every possible kitchen aid appliance you can name.

I suspect some additional definitions and clarification of the term OFF-GRID as it relates to point #3,#4,and #5 will be required.

Semi modern and modern?? Would this be defined by whether or not the home has indoor plumbing? Suppose it does have indoor plumbing but gets water from a well and ues a septic bed for waste disposal. Is it semi or fully modern?

Does the presence or absence of electronics denote modern? Again look at our uncle’s example.

I live 50 miles from the nearest town but recently read a letter to editor by a town resident complaining about their taxes going up. They live on a dirt road with no sidewalks no street lights no garbage collection or town water and sewer. The only thing they have is utility power.

By all accounts these people are practically off-grid. Yet they are clasified and taxed as if they were in town residents. Where does a new mobile fall in the classification?. The newest models would fall in ‘rich ‘catagory by my standards. But then again some mobiles are no better than a camping.

If only they knew it, the cost of running a generator with inverter and battery bank is about the same as what some people pay for utility power. Around her we pay $5.00 per gallon for diesel. More for gasoline. A lot less for propane.