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Wish you well on your search. I’m retired RN vegan female, sensitive to chemicals and toxins that seem not to bother others. Aware that society seems to becoming more and more toxic/polluted with some places being more toxic than others.

Would love to be around more sane sound individuals where I would not have to deal with any type of smoke exhalation and those that have need for alcohol and other drugs. Living alone is a better alternative than that. It seems very difficult to find others interested in a cleaner, more decent lifestyle.

Seems too much to ask to be among individuals trying to maintain their optimum level of health in a toxic society. One in which some of the stress levels are reduced so there would possibly be increased happiness.

Haven’t figured out all the solutions, but do know what is not wanted such as meeting those that are not letting the “isms” control their very existence–meaning drugs, alcohol/caffeine/ food /money addictions, materialism, religious fanaticism, fakism, phony(ism), and so on.

So yes there is interest in living off the grid with those interested in living healthier lifestyles who have respect, honor, tolerances for beneficial differences.

If there is interest please leave comment with information on how to communicate further. I am also interested in finding vegans that know how to farm organically, herbalists, naturalists, and those even willing to learn, but need mentors as we all had to learn life skills and will continue to do so as we evolve.

Also know of some land in NC that maybe some bartering or negotiable arrangements can be made that would hopefully benefit all parties involved as long as greed, ego, and materialism is left behind–thanks in advance for reading and for sincere responses- BJ in USA