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While it might be entertaining to watch, you’re show’s premise is flawed, since the only frontiers remaining in this country are not geographic but physical and psychological – living the coming years, decades and centuries successfully as the world’s oil energy production and supply decreases will require a lot more than putting on a Dan’l Boone cap and camping out.

Developed civilization itself, based on basically free and 24/7 reliable oil energy, is facing a frontier – a planet that simply won’t be able to power itself as it has for 150 years. Start doing so research on “peak oil,” which is not a tin foil hat thing – it’s acknowledged as in progress today. What do you think caused the depression, after all, in 2008? An economy based upon credit demands growth. When energy supplies stop growing, economic growth stops. The only growth since 2008 has been in the money supply issued by the Fed and ECB and China. That’s the basis for the “bailouts” … replacing actual growth with an expansion of money to simulate growth.

Global conventional oil production has been flat since 2005 per all agencies following this; IEA, EIA, DoD, etc. The people on the frontier will be the ones who are developing and have developed local economies around local resources, since the era of importing energy and finished goods is ending right now. Read Jim Kunstler’s “The Long Emergency” and develop a show around his next book, “World Made By Hand.”