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We’re off-grid with modern conveniences. If you plan ahead, and make good use of the sun, it is very doable without costing a ton of money. I have a 3KW electric system with wind turbine backup. My well pump is wired into a generator and I fill a 2500 gallon tank each week at the top of my property. I have a dozen solar tubes so we don’t use lights during the day. I have some pictures at . There are sacrifices but not many – the system keeps up very well. 4 computers, 2 large screen LCD TV’s, game room with 80’s arcade, microwave, front loading washer/dryer. I purchase items that use electricity carefully and get those that use the smallest amount of power. On average my house is using no more than 6 amps at any given time. When we need to use a hair dryer or microwave, and that jumps to 20, it’s no problem for short bursts of time (2-8 minutes).