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desert deb

Too true alrod, but i must say the last year an a half setting up this mobile has been a joy. I have really enjoyed it. Did i see where you were from the midwest or am i confusing you with someone else. Im from there, its a different world than the desert. Big learning curve. Last years winter was a nightmare with frozen pipes ect. But this years barely happened and only lasted the month of december. That is why i have been working on this filtration system, i think water could be a problem this year. No winter rains combined with a slow monsoon could result in shortages. If i can make it do double duty i dont use as much and we dont have to haul in as much. Getting ready to set up solar and batteries but will work on that after i transfer from the rv. Oh i keep forgetting, i wanted to mention that the small 400 watt inverter i came out here with has a jack in it that will charge my computer or cell phone this helps a great deal, i dont need to run as much generator to charge things like that up. the small solar panel on the rv refills the battery use and i spend less for gas and still can use the electronics.