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Just make it happen. That’s my attitude. I will admit that I looked for land for a long time before I found something we could afford. That was 1995 when we finally bought our property. Found a logger who was tired of paying the taxes and sold us some acreage. He held a 15 year land contract with a small down payment. We spent weekends and every free moment we could steal working on the place. We went without and scratched and saved and paid off the land contract in seven years.

Since we started the project I got lucky and fell into a gig caretaking a property part of the year in Florida. The rest of the year we live off the grid. I will continue to make improvements and prepare. Adding a root cellar this year and maybe an addition to the cabin. Depends how ambitious I feel.

If nothing else we have a peaceful off grid life half the year. We also have the peace of mind that if things get bad for any reason we have a place to go where can live a self sufficient life. We only have six acres but it might as well be 200. We have mature forest all around us. Most of it is land locked and far enough out in the sticks that I doubt it will be developed in my lifetime. Fertile soil and plenty of clean water.

Where there is a will there is a way. As far as a group or community. Not for us. My wife and the occaisional visit from my son and grand daughter is all I need. Oh I find the off grid community concept interesting, but I’d rather not deal with the whole social dynamics of it. I’m the King. I do what I want, when I want. Not saying I don’t have friends or that I’m anti social. When I need help the promise a some cold beer and a camp fire will almost always generate whatever help I need.