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desert deb

A75butterfly. Fantastic for both of you. inviting friends is an exellent way to get help. Also you might consider renting a bedroom in exchange for help. you are in a beautiful area. I have toured that and vacationed there. Beautiful lakes and lotsa wood. I might suggest start small. Chickens dont need a barn, just a small insulated coop. easier to setup to start, same with rabbits. The big barn is a wonderful idea but can come later. small lean-to can be closed in for cow. let your husband souce out the sawmill in exchange for building help. We have friends that would mill our downed tree in exchange for part of the milled wood. Good way to acquire lumber for the barn. Or run an ad. Also you might run classified for off gridders wanting to learn building technology before starting their own place. i think the choice of you going to work is a great idea, friends here did that an it allowed husband more time to put buildings and misc. In place for the home. As far as electric bills start small there too. Buy a panel get a battery. Before you realize it you have acquired enough supply to run most of what you need. If heating is a problem because of cost id suggest a large outside wood stove piped into furnace ducts, we did that on a large farm house we had it worked fantastic. We would load it up at night and again in am, if we got chilly we would throw in some more. If you adapt a system that blows through ducts them you still have furnace use if you need it, in our case we didnt need and disconnected the furnace, that was a good day. Good luck, dont hesitate to ask your neighbors for help, its wonderful when you can give back to them.