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We just bought 35 acres in Northwest Wisconsin and are trying to figure out how to become off grid. We bought a sawmill and tractor from one guy and he threw in some generators and blades for windmills and some

literature on the subject. We just moved up here from the Chicago area near Schaumburg and spent 2 and a half years saving up to purchase this former farm to make back into a farm. The barn fell over a long time ago and has no salvageable wood but does have foundations that can be built on once we clean it up. We have a huge house and a huge electric bill this winter. We would like to get the alternative energy going sooner than later but we have spent our savings on things we needed i.e sawmill and tractor.

He is working almost full time,graveyard shift and I am taking care of our 4 year old daughter and getting ready for school to be employable and be the one who works so he can be home to rebuild the barn and plant the gardens. While I take care of the house and daughter and work. I am so looking forward to getting back into the workplace since I have been stay at home parent off and on for 19 years of my life. I usually only worked part time to be there for the kids. Now I want to give him a break. Well he will still be working but doing what he really wants to be doing instead of padding someone elses pockets. We have been inviting friends to come up and get away from the cities and help with tree cutting and barn removal(recycling what we can). Most are very helpful boy do we appreciate it. It turns our house into a B&B for the weekend but I don’t mind especially when I go outside and see the progress, and the praise my cooking gets. We have done so much to build a better life for our kids but have such a long way to go still. Just starting out makes it seem so hard and the result so far away but I don’t mean to sound like a whiner because I am very happy to be owning and not renting. I just can’t wait to have our gardens full and a barn and animals to provide what we need. We are starting out with chickens and rabbits and moving on to maybe goats and sheep. Eventually I want some cows both for meat and milk. We will see how it goes. Bless