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desert deb

I buy that part. What i dont understand is the priority. If you are helping me get my stuff done who helps you and when is there time. The days go very fast off grid lots to do and very little help. Sure id love some help but when would i have time to return it. Thats why i see problems in the planning of a group. If living structures are already in place then you have a starting point or if you have living quarters such as rv ect. Then it becomes give and take with no hurt feelings. Im pretty sure bad feelings can ruin a group faster than anything else. So ill finish mine and then start on someone elses. And i would expect the same from them. I dont have a problem with groups or communes or what you choose to call them i just see lotsa potential for misunderstandings that could ruin the whole group. Giving you land in exchange for letting you build on it doesnt help you if you dont know how to build it. So build it and then they have something to live in an time to help.