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You can start a garden first of all no matter how small so you will save on food, and can what you have extra don’t give it away.You will save on food purchases. If you have cable TV get fid of it. One less bill and you can watch TV on the less bill. Go to sleep when the sun goes down get up at sunrise save electric not using lights. Cook out side when possible saves gas and does not heat up the house in summer. Make your own cooking charcoal by packing a metal bucket or barrel that has a tight fitting lid with wood and burn untill all is ignited well put on lid leaving 1/4 open till smoke goes from yellow to gray and then cover tightly to starve the fire of oxygen to stop burn..After it cools, remove lump charcoal.It may take a couple of trys to get it right but it works well once you get it down. You will not need to buy charcoal to cook with. Build a rocket stove mass heater to heat your greenhouse and grow winter if your in a cold climate one can also be built to heat your home also if you buy it..Hopefully with these tips you will be able to buy the rental you living in..larry