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Home Energy Production-Electricity

At the bottom of this article I list some points of conservation which will make living offgrid more feasable.

•Live in a passive solar home if possible. (This home is the most energy efficient design)

•Upgrade your home to be as energy efficient as possible (This is more than simply adding lots of insulation)

•Use gas for anything that you could possibly use gas for in place of electricity including lighting, a/c, refrigeration and freezing. Or at least have this alternative available.

•Use heat exchangers on your ventilation and outside air intake.

•Use LED and Compact fluorescent lighting instead of incandescent.

•Use sky lighting as much as possible.

•Use window lighting as much as possible (without overdoing it, too much window space means too much heat loss).

•Solar heat water first with backup on demand gas heating of water.

•Have on/off switches on all power outlets (vampire repellant)

•Use only 120 volt for appliances (no 240, usually for electric a/c, heat, stoves and ovens, washer/dryer, arc welder)

•Minimize your use of water if power is required for running/pumped water. (see my post on Home Water production and storage).

•Watch out for vampires! These are home appliances that constantly use power even when turned off.