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Rustyfingers wrote: “D. Proenneke’s my hero! I played his home movie “Alone in the Wild” for my 73 year old mom during our Thanksgiving here & we both enjoyed it immenselly, comenting several times about how similar he was to her dad, my grandpa, who was another very down to earth, common sense sort of guy.

He was characteristic of his generation. Around here in Northern BC you find lots of people like him. My wife’s uncle needed a small bulldozer so he built one from scratch. That was over 20 years ago and the machine is still around. Many of the pioneers around here were similarly innovative. If you look for books on local history and people you can find many such stories showing local pioneers doing things pretty much as Dick Proenneke did it. Not to detract from what he did but to point out this was the way things normally were much less than a century ago. How soon we forget.